Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of 4th Grade

Baylee started 4th grade this year and she got Miss Grimm. She was super sad to leave Mrs. Glovers class. 3rd grade was way to fun for Baylee she didn't want to move up. She loves school anyways she is my smarty pants!!

First day of 1st Grade

Trey started 1st grade this year and he got in Mrs. Glaziers class and we couldn't be happier. He even has some of his friends in his class. He was pretty excited out school this year. He is big now all day school!

First Tooth

Trey lost his first tooth and surprisingly he was super tough about it never cried or anything he just yanked it out. We had to get pictures of it and of course the minute I get the camera out Brady thinks he needs his picture taken.


I don't know who likes the Derbys more my kids or Jake. My kids beg him to drive in it every year. I don't think he minds though. I am just glad he does the racing ones instead of the ones where they just crash into each other. He still gets to hit other cars but it is more of a race. He secretly wants to be a race car driver!! My kids love to cheer him on and He lets them help the car some to. It is just a fun famliy event!!

Summer Fun

Love this picture of Baylee

Camping with the family! I love how dirty kids get when they are out in the wilderness! Camping always seems like such a pain to me but once I get out there I have so much fun! I love seeing how much the kids enjoy playing out in the woods.

Brady covering his eyes while the other kids are letting off fireworks!! For some reason this kids hates loud noises but he can never be quiet!!

Water guns are always fun on a hot day

Brady's 3rd Birthday

Brady just loves going to the pool in the summer so for his birthday that is what he got to do! We went to the pool for a while and then went to the park to open presents and have some cupcakes! What a lucky kid pool, park, and cupcakes!! Good thing he is so stinkin cute. Can't believe that my baby is three already. I wish he would stay like he is right now forever. He loves to make us laugh and he is really good at it!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Softball & Baseball

 I am so behind but here are some pictures of Baylee and Trey playing softball and baseball.  I coached Baylee and had fun she gets pretty serious about it.  She got into practicing this year and wanted to practice all the time and got pretty good! Trey is more laid back about it and his Dad couldn't stand it.  He was all for having fun.  I am glad he enjoyed it though.