Saturday, July 10, 2010


Brady my sweet little boy he is so funny. He has got the cutest personality he cracks me up on a daily basis. Here is how he spent the fireworks on his dads lap covering his eyes (mostly) he could see out a little bit. He did that the entire time though it was so cute!

I'm not quite sure what he is doing in this one but it sure is cute.

Isn't this the sadest face!

Who needs fireworks?

During the fireworks on the 4th there were a couple of frogs going crazy in Jakes moms fish pond they must have really liked the fireworks! So Trey Emma and Taylor wanted to try to find them so Jakes mom got them some flashlights and they spent the entire time looking for the frogs. They ended up finding a couple of them and that's what they did during the fireworks.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

We pretty do the same thing every 4th of July. We watch the parade at Nick's station then go to the park and eat lunch and for the fireworks we have front row seats at Jakes parents house and eat dinner there. This year for the parade Jake talked Trey into getting a hose from the station and trying to get the firefighters wet when they came by to spray the kids. Well Trey ran out there with his hose and lasted about 2 seconds before dropping his hose and running only for another little kid to pick it up and try, I think that the firefighters won that battle their hoses were a little bigger. I forgot my camera for that but here are some photos from Jakes parents house.
My sister Tiffany and her two youngest come up since McKenzie went to Snowflake with my mom and Josh was at work.

Trey couldn't wait to do the fireworks that we bought.

Brady didn't like the sparkler he dropped it the minute Jake gave it to him.

Taylor wasn't as scared as Brady.

Emma couldn't get enough of them.

Here the kids are watch the fireworks that we bought.

No matter how many you get it is never enough for them they are always wanting more.


Those of you who have kids that play Tball know how it is to watch them play! I have figured that you should go with the mentality to not expect much as way of skills go, but to let them enjoy themselves and try not to yell at them to much for playing in the dirt as the balls roll by them or after they hit the ball to run to first and not third. Trey was not one of the ones that after the ball is hit chases after it where ever it goes and then fights with the other kids who do the same so they can be the one to throw the ball in. Trey looks up to see where it goes and then continues playing it the dirt. No matter what his dad says it was pretty fun to watch him play!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Trey Preschool Graduation

Here is Trey with his Preschool teachers Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Deb they did such a wonderful job. Trey actually liked going to school. I can't believe he will be in kindergarden next year.

Locks of Love

So for about two years now Baylee has been bugging me to let her cut all her hair off and donate it to locks of love. I did a pretty good job of talking her out of it but finally she got her way and off it came 14 inches!! I couldn't believe it some little girl will be happy with her beautiful hair!
So here is the before picture

And here is the after!