Friday, May 14, 2010


Baylee was so excited for softball this year even though she wasn't on the same team as Ella. It has been fun to watch her this year she has gotten so much better and you can actually play catch with her and not worry about the ball hitting her in the face!! Even her hitting it gotten so much better. There is hope for her after all.....Just stick to sports Please!! I can handle going to watch softball, basketball, volleyball and even track if that's what you want but please don't make me go sit through dance competitions!!!
The way she gets ready at the plate is so cute she looks a little bull legged standing there waiting for the pitch....whatever works!!

Ready in the Field!!

Here is Mckenzie..I love watching her!! No matter what her mom says she has gotten better this year too!! Keep up the good work!

Here is the bull legged stance isn't it so cute?

Baylee Tumbling!!

Baylee was so excited for this years tumbling performance. She loves to gettting up in front of people and performing! She was so sad to learn that this summer Angie isn't doing tumbling. I guess that we will have to find something else for her to do!
Here are her and Ella holding up little Gracie Sims! It doesn't take much to hold her up she is so cute and little!

Baylee has been working on her back hand spring every chance that she gets and she could do it all by herself if she wasn't scared! She will get it one day!

She was so excited for this part she was always telling me that her and Ella would practice at recess!

Baylee and Ella!! These two are so funny together...they will be trouble when they get into high school!!!

Baylee and Mckenzie I don't know that Two cousins could be closer!! They always are wanting to play with each other and get along great!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trey's birthday party pictures!!

Here is Trey's friend Dreyden he is the cutest little cowboy.
Trey and Preston are so funny together. They had to sit by each other!

I got them to play a couple of games and Emma the only girl at the party won both times playing musical chairs but when it came to the other games the boys dominated! She was a good sport it didn't bother her to be the only girl.

most of the time they jumped on the tramp they just wanted to play around and NOT play games. So I gave in and let them do what they wanted to.

Isn't my big 5 year old so cute? He reminds me of his dad most of the time!! Poor boy!! I think they had fun especially on the tramp they wouldn't get off!