Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Calling the COPS!!

I have been practicing baseball with Trey a lot lately trying to get him ready for coach pitch tryouts and he has improved a ton!! The other day we were out back and Trey put the ball on his T and went to hit it and Brady run up just as he swung!! His bat hit Brady right in the head and blood just poured out so I grabbed him and ran in the house to get something to put on it. I got him in the kitchen and put a dish towel on it. Trey was still in the back yard crying he thought he was in big trouble! I started to yell at him to come and get me the phone so I could call my mom so she could come look at it to see if I needed to take him up to get stitches. Well Trey walks in the house and I ask him to get me the phone and he says "You're calling the cops on me"! It was so funny. He was really scared that I was calling the cops on him for hitting Brady in the head with his bat. He really felt awful for hitting him. No stitches were needed!!