Thursday, March 24, 2011


Baylee was finally old enough to play basketball this year! She has been wanting to play for a while. She had so much fun and was so sad when it was over:(

Her and Ella finally ended up on the same team!

Here is her a Ella after the last game. They didn't win:( As you can tell she had Mine and Jakes attitude about losing! (not too happy)

Monday, March 7, 2011

My little Wrestler!!

When Trey came home from school one day with a wrestling sign up sheet I about died. He is not aggressive at all. And when him and his friends are wrestling around he usually stays out of it as much as possible, but I thought that it would be good for him. So we signed him up and he went to practices and we waited to take him to a meet until the one in Kanab. I was pretty sure that he wouldn't go through with it or maybe be would cry the first time he got a little hurt. Boy was I wrong. I don't think I could be more proud of him. He got in there and pinned the first kid he wrestled and he got pinned the second time. His last match went all three rounds but he came out on top. I really think I was more nervous than he was my hands were shaking. Once the match started I was down on the mat yelling for him like some crazy mom!! A lot of that went on there though so I don't feel to bad. Trey came in second which I thought was great for his first time doing it. Jake and I are not wrestling fan at all but once we got there and watched him it was really fun and Trey had so much fun. He can't wait for the next meet!

Trey on the podium getting his second place medal!

Trey, Tayson, and Jordan

Friday, March 4, 2011


In January Jake and I took a trip to California for our 10th anniversary. We stayed 5 nights and had so much fun. Of course we had to go to a Lakers game:) I'm not sure who Jake is more loyal to me or the Lakers! He has always wanted to go watch them at the Staples Center. We also went on a little tour of celebrity houses. And Hollywood Boulevard was fun also we went to the wax museum. Jake even ditched me one night to go to a Clippers game:( I had enough Basketball but Jake can never get enough. I stayed in and rented a movie. We really had so much fun, but were ready to come home by the end. I am horrible a taking pictures I never do. We drove up the coast one day and I left the camera at the hotel. Here are a couple from the wax museum though.

I love Glee so i had to get one with Sue Sylvester!!

I really don't know why Jake Likes Kobe he has the worst attitude! He is good though I guess.

I will just let this one speak for it's self.