Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Moments like this!!

All of you that are mothers are probably like me and wander if you are doing a good job teaching your kids all the right things! It is a big thing in our house to say please and thank you we are always making sure the kids say it! Well the other night Trey was taking a vitamin and Brady wanted one so Trey brought him one and as Trey handed it to him Brady who is not yet 2 says THANK YOU!!! It was so cute!! He is saying a lot of things now and most of it you can't understand but I sure understood what he was saying then. It's moments like that, that give you hope that you are doing a good job!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Big Boy!!

So yesterday was Trey's birthday!! I can't believe that he is 5 where did all that time go. He is such an amazing boy and I can't even try to explain how much I love that little boy! He is my mamma's boy. And not afraid to admit it. He is always telling me that he doesn't want to get old and be a dad because he wants to stay with me forever! What a sweet boy! He woke up and just knew that he had gotten taller. He had his first friend party this year which he was so excited for...I think that they had fun. A bunch of little boys are a little harder to get to do games and stuff...they just want to play so that is what they did most of the time. After his party we had family over for cake and let's just say it looked more like Christmas than a birthday he got pretty spoiled. I think that he got every kind of nerf gun that has been made...which means that I find the bullets all over the house!! Pictures soon to come!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For Easter this year we went with Jakes family out to the sand dunes! The weather was a little less than perfect for the sand dunes!! The kids didn't really mind the cold weather and the sand blowing everywhere. Trey had so much fun riding the four wheeler and rolling down the hill. I think he brought home a whole dune in his hair alone. I didn't get that many pictures...I was afraid of getting sand in my camera! But here are some of them!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Devils Prision!!

My mom's sister came to town a couple of weeks ago and we went out the this place called Devil's Prison!! All it really is, is a big hole in the ground!! I was so nervous with my kids running around! Baylee I didn't have to worry about because she is so cautious...she didn't go very close to the edge and she wouldn't let go of a tree branch that was kinda by the edge so she wasn't going in. Trey and Brady on the other hand had no fear Trey wanted to see how many time he could make me yell at him to back up! Needless to say it was alot!! And Brady has no sense of danger! We had a good time though and I took lots of pictures. I love the one with Brady and Taylor!! Those two are going to be trouble. I know that Tiffany will agree with me!!