Saturday, November 13, 2010

Need New One Head!!!

So the other day Jake took Trey,Brady and I for a ride to find some deer. We went over Crocodile and were having a good time Jake let Trey sit on his lap and drive (we were on a dirt road) and Brady was sitting on my lap in the front trying to find some deer. The road was a little bumpy and Brady hit his head (not very hard) and he started to cry. He gave me the saddest look and said "my head broken!! need new one head"! It was so cute. He was so sure that his head was broken and no good anymore so he needed new one head. He kept saying that over and over need new one head! Some of the things that kids come up with!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!! 2010

Here are my kiddos all dressed up on Halloween!! We went to the trunk or treat which was great. Then we hit a few houses like grandmas and grandpas. My kids love to go by Jakes mom and dads house because they have a ton of kids come by there and they love to hand out the candy.

Brady is a puppy which is fitting because he likes to pretend that he is a puppy. He will get on all fours and go around barking and when you call him Brady he says no me puppy so you have to call him puppy if you want to get him to do something. It is pretty cute! He did have a black nose but he kept rubbing it off.

Trey wanted to be Iron Man even though he has never seen the movie.

Baylee was easy. She loves to sing and dance around the house and loves it when I put make up on her so we made her a punk rocker. She looks pretty cute and has the attitude also.