Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Trey was a Juggler in the Kindergarten circus this year. He did such a good job. Two of his friends were Jugglers to. I had to get a picture of them with their teacher Mrs. DeMille.

3rd Grade Field Trip

Baylee wanted Jake to go on her field trip this year but he ended up not being able to go so I had to take his place!! I remember why I hated riding the bus when I was in school. It is even worse when your an adult. Once we got there is was really fun other than the weather was really cold. I love to go to Zion though. The kids had lots of fun and I enjoyed spending time with Balyee!!

Trey's 6th Bday

For Trey's birthday this year he invited 6 friends over and they had pizza and I decided not to plan games this year because last year I had so many planned and all they wanted to do was play so that is what they did. They had a really good time tackling Jake. I think all of them were on top of him at one time it was so cute.