Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All the grandkids!!

Luke and Katy were recently here and we tried to get a good picture of all the kids but trying to get them all to look at the same time was a little tough!! So here are all of Nick and Carol lynns grandkids!

Baylee the Potographer!!

Baylee has been begging me to let her take a picture with my camera so here are her pictures! She thought that she was a professional but it was good because Jake and I never get a picture of us together so it worked out great!!

Jake's Baby!!

So this is Jake's baby! He loves this truck. He had to take it to St. George and he got it all washed up and he calls he and tells me to bring my camera so I can take pictures of it while it is all shiny and the sun was shining on it!! Guys and their toys!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Should have learned to drive a tractor!!

After all the nice snow we got this year and all the mud that came with it... I told Jake we needed to get some rock and put in our drive way so we didn't end up with so much mud in our garage. Well yesterday that happened!! Jake went and got a load and dumped it in our driveway. Other than getting Jakes big truck (his baby) stuck all went well!! Now its time to spread the rocks... Jake jumpes in the tractor and I get the rake and shovel. I really should have learned to run one of those things!! We couldn't do it all with the tractor so Jake did get a little time with the rake and shovel. The kids even helped shoveling rocks into the wheelbarrow. Brady was so cute he tried to use a shovel and when he realized he couldn't lift it he gave up and just picked up the rocks with his hands and put them in the wheelbarrow!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was going for my jog the other day and I start by going through the dip into town. I always run up the hills. Well I had just got done running up the dip and some turkeys were crossing the road. Now I see these turkeys all the time while I am driving into town. They seem harmless!! So they had just crossed the road and were on the opposite side of me I didn't think anything of it I just kept walking. They see me and start to walk over to me and then they start running so now I'm kinda scared!!! So I think that maybe they are like dogs as long as you face them they don't think that you are scared!!! Not so.... After I did that they split up and were coming at me from both directions and they are all puffed up and jumping towards me.... I had no idea what to do!! Just about then some nice older lady pulls up and tells me to get in so I make a run for it and jump into her truck and the turkeys are right at my feet!! To make matters worse all the Garkane boys were working right by were this happened and half of them are friends with my husband!! I'm sure they got a good laugh out of my scary situation!! The older lady drops me back off and Casey Glover one of Jakes friends yells watch out for those turkeys!! Boy is he right!!