Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baylee's 9th Birthday

For Baylee's 9th Birthday we decided to do a swim party at the Holiday Inn and since her and McKenzie's Birthday are so close together Tiffany and I decided to combine them so each got to invite 3 friends to come. They had so much fun. I just love that they are so close. They are best friends and are always wanting to play together. I really can't believe that she is 9 already. How time flies! She is the best daughter. She helps out so much and is so good to her younger brothers. Well most of the time anyways:) Her and I went to St. George for her Bday also and had so much fun. She is so fun to be around I wish we could get away more often.!

Baylee invited Ella and Krysha. They are so funny to watch. The way they talk and are always giggling it is so funny.

Tiffany has a friend that made this cake for the. It turned out so cute and Baylee and McKenzie loved it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few cute things!

So Jake has been in a few Demolition Derby's and my kids love to go watch them even if Jake isn't in them. Well Brady has a trike , a four wheeler and a lighting McQueen car that he rides on in the house. So Trey and Brady will each get on one and run into each other on them for their own little demolition derby it is so funny. Both of them think that they will be in one when they get older. Brady has gotten in to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and when he wakes up now he immediately asks to watch Ga Mouse cubhouse it is so cute and then he dances to the Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog song at the end it is so cute!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Funny Little Boy!!

So Brady is just over 2 now and I absolutely love this age when they go from saying one or two words at a time into talking in sentences which most of them don't make sense but it is still so cute! He is just such a funny kid He has to do everything ME DO IT he always says. We were at a friends house the other day and her little boy was jumping off the top bunk of his bed onto a pile of clothes and Brady thought that looked fun so of course ME DO IT he says and gets on the bottom bunk and jumps up and down for a minute and then jumps off and thinks that he is so cool and big so he does it over and over now I can't get him to quite jumping off of things my bed the couch and even Grandma and Grandpas stairs which he jumped off the 3rd one up the other day he is my little dare devil. Not scared of anything except monsters and Dad's Harley!! Some of my favorite things he says right now is Old lady and you just have to hear him say it to know why it is so cute! Monster in there is also so cute which is what he says everytime you ask him to go put something away in one of the rooms. I think he has it figured out how not to have to put things away. That is just my funny little boy!