Monday, February 28, 2011

This Kid!!

Brady cracks me up a on a daily basis!! His new thing right now is SUPER BRADY! He gets on the couch and says Super Brady to the Rescue and jumps off and tries to rescue whoever happens to be near by at the time. It is so cute. Oh and NEVER he says that all the time. I say "come here Brady" he says "NEVER" or I say "Brady pick up your mess" he says "Never." What a little stinker!! And now when I get after him puts his hands on his hips and says " listen " and I say "you listen" and then he comes back with "no you listen mom" like he is the one in charge!! Sometimes I wonder if he is. I have the hardest time getting mad at him. I am in real trouble with this one:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ga Mouse!!

Brady loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney channel. That is pretty much the first thing that comes out of his mouth when he wakes up. He calls it Ga Mouse Cubhouse. So I go to get him out of his bed and he says watch Ga Mouse Cubhouse. Well Jake and I went to California for our 10th anniversary and on one of the days that we were there we went to Disneyland ( we felt pretty guilty going there without our kids) and I saw the cutest stuffed Mickey Mouse so I had to get it for Brady and he sleeps with it every night now and it is so cute when I put him to bed or down for his nap he always has to make sure that I put the blanket on his Mickey Mouse to. He says Ga Mouse wants some booie ( that is what he calls his blanket). What a funny little boy!! I think I will hang on to him for a while:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas Eve PJ'S

On Christmas Eve my kids get to open one present and surprise surprise it is always pajamas that they get to wear to bed that night. I love little kids in one piece pajamas:)

First Piano Recital

Baylee was so excited to start taking piano lessons this year she has been wanting to for a while now. She had her first recital and she was so nervous. I have never seen her like that usually she thrives on preforming in front of people. She did so good though. It helps that she has such a great teacher:)

My little ELF!!

Here is my cute little ELF from his Christmas program! I know I am a little late getting this up but better late than never:) I love the programs the school puts on I think that the kids have lots of fun doing them! They look like they do anyways!!